About us

Elaionas tou Iliou, is a local family business producing natural plant based products, founded in Greece near the end of 2012 on the island of Spetses. Our products are the result of ancient heritage, fruitful collaborations and life-long learning.

The ancient heritage hidden in the notes and recipes of our ancestors have been the main incentive for the creation of products that can cover a wide range of everyday needs. The quality of the materials, the careful checking of our final product and the needs of each individual are some of the main factors of our production process.


The ideas and thoughts of the company's founder, Helen Kefalonitou, would have forever remained a dream, had it not been for the generous assistance of our network of partnerships.  

Our customers are however the main partners of this business, as all our products have been created after a certain request. The feedback and constant demand for each product defines whether it will be included in our recipe book, so that more people can benefit by it.  

Helen Kefalonitou is corporate representative of PRANAROM and HERBALGEM for Greece and Cyprus. She is from a very young age with herbal medicine, herbs and the value of herbal raw materials. She was trained by Dr. Nikolaos Christides, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, clinical aromatherapist and by «Collège International d’ Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux» in scientific aromatherapy and Gemotherapy. She successfully completed the Vocational Therapy and Training Program for Herbal Therapy and Aromatherapy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

«…Herbs and essential oils accompany and care for me and my family since I was born. Their vital energy is inconceivable and enchanting. Their in-depth study gave birth to the desire to share knowledge and experience with those people who are interested in getting to know and benefit from their healing properties. Necessary priority is the respect and protection of the Mother Nature as well as the use of natural products…»  

Our scientific partner is Dr Nikolaos Christides, a certified scientist in medicinal aromatherapy with great experience in the field of alternative medicine.  

Pranarom Internatioanal completes our circle of fruitful collaborations by providing products that fulfill all the safety and quality requirements we are looking for. Their products are being used as materials for the company's recipes, but also as supplementary suggestions. The most precious outcome from our partnership with them is the life-long education of our lab staff in matters of medicinal aromatherapy.  


The Workshop

Our workshop can be found on the island of Spetses and holds verifications of the series of products that the company provides, as well as all the safety documentation of the providers of our ingredients.

Phone: +30.210-6911022

Email Address: info@athinarom.gr

Address: Evagelistria, Spetses, 18050, Greece

Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 am ~ 5 pm